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We would like to thank everyone for supporting Knobloch Family Berks. We currently do not have any pigs, breeding stock or boars. If we can answer any questions, please call or text Kedron at 765-427-9932, Neil at 765-421-1456.

Thanks, Kedron, Nelson & Grant Knobloch

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As a chapter closes, a new chapter opens

On August 24, 2018, we had a fire and lost the barn and 46 pigs, including our breeding stock and show pigs. This was an unfortunate loss of 11 years of GNK breeding. We are thankful that no human lives were lost and we cherish the many friendships and memories that were made through managing this business. Speaking of a new chapter, here’s the update on the GNK team. Grant graduated from Purdue University in 2019 and is a tillage specialist with John Deere. Nelson graduate from Purdue University in 2020 and is a tactical sales coordinator with John Deere. Kedron is a senior in high school and plans to go to college for a career in hospitality and tourism management.

Nelson, Kedron & Grant – 2020

Our Herdmark is GNK…

Nelson, Kedron, Grant

A personal note…

As you can see by our business name, we focus on two things: (1) raising high quality Berkshires and (2) serving people with golden rule customer service like family–sharing mutual values that build trust in relationships. First, you’ll see that we have focused our Berkshire breeding program to be excellent on feet and legs, heavy boned, and more opened-up with bigger rib and center body. Our herd boar, Walter (Time Bandit x Making History) generated King Indy at Shipley’s and is a leading sire for meat quality. We also expanded our boar investments to include The Director and Speechless (housed here), No Regrets (Crossroads), and Wheels Up (at Sioux Center AI). We have also tried to avoid the temptation of “putting our eggs in one basket” by diversifying the genetic lines of our Berkshire sow herd. Although we stay true to our priorities of soundness, bone, and center capacity, you’ll see highly competitive females with various genetics, including meat quality genetics and some without popular sire lines so we can generate out-crosses for Berkshire breeders. Although we are young (10 years raising Berks), we appreciate all our customers who have invested in our genetics. We feel honored and humbled to be part of the Berkshire family.

Speaking of family, we base our customer service on family values of honesty, integrity, and transparency. We follow best practices because we feel it is important to sell pigs that will perform well for our customers. Our pigs have been fed Lindner starter feeds with no extra feed additives. We work closely with Dr. Amy Woods (DVM) and test our herd quarterly for PRRS, Pseudorabies, and Brucellosis. We follow the recommended biosecurity protocol and vaccination program considered as best practices among veterinary medicine to maintain a healthy herd status. All pigs have been wormed with Ivomec and vaccinated with Circumvent PCV M and Rhinogen BPE. We acknowledge we are susceptible to disease, but are actively trying to keep our pigs as healthy as possible for ourselves and our customers.  It is an honor for us to serve our customers like family with our golden rule customer service.

ABA Litter Recordings & Transfers


#2 Top 5 Jr. Transfers (N = 39)


#1 Top 5 Jr. Transfers (N = 62)

#4 Top 5 Jr. Litter Recordings (N = 16)


#1 Top 5 Jr. Transfers (N = 88)

#2 Top 5 Jr. Litter Recordings (N = 24)

Grant, Nelson & Kedron with Miss Magic 4-5 (Hostile Takeover x Gary Coleman)

Grant, Nelson & Kedron with Miss Magic 4-5 (Hostile Takeover x Gary Coleman)


O U R     V I S I O N    F O R     2 0 1 8

It’s a new year, and Knobloch Family Berks have made some strategic decisions to sharpen their vision.

1. Be a respected Berkshire breeder with a focus on one exciting breed (plus Hereford to keep Kedron interested).

2. Advance the Berkshire breed with multi-purpose genetics: competitive show, maternal productivity, performance and meat quality.

3. Develop leadership in three young entrepreneurs who represent the GNK herdmark.

Knobloch Berkshires