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We would like to thank everyone for supporting Knobloch Family Berks. We currently do not have any pigs, breeding stock or boars. If we can answer any questions, please call or text Kedron at 765-427-9932, Neil at 765-421-1456.

Thanks, Kedron, Nelson & Grant Knobloch

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The Enterpreneurs

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If this is your first time to our website, thanks for stopping by and we welcome you to our youth education swine business. We are a team of three young entrepreneurs. Our coach (Dad) has been an agricultural educator for 26 years. We have been raising Berkshires for over 10 years, and this is the breed we have focused on raising. This allows us to specialize and study the phenotype and pedigrees of one breed so we can make the best decisions that will benefit the Berkshire industry and our customers.

We were blessed to generate King Indy at Shipley’s out of our herd boar named Walter. We believe we have put together a set of sows with different genetic lines that will generate winners–for show, breeding, and consuming. We also believe in being good stewards, so we try to raise our pigs more sustainably, limit the use of antibiotics, maintain certified health herd status, and follow animal welfare practices.

Please call us if you have any questions, or want to discuss Berkshires. We are truly honored to be part of this breed and industry, and we would like to thank all of our friends who have helped us along the way.

Sincerely, Grant, Nelson & Kedron Knobloch


Why is Knobloch Family Berks in business?

Thanks to BJ & Marlene Eick for sharing the “goodtime” story on Final Drive TV.

GNK on Final Drive TV

GNK on Final Drive TV

Grant, Kedron & Nelson - 2014

Grant, Kedron & Nelson – 2014

How We Started: Goodtime Show Pigs started as a 4-H project because the price of 3 or 4 show pigs was about the same as a bred sow…or so it seemed at the time. The Knobloch Family moved to an acreage north of Lafayette, Indiana in 2007. There was a 50′ x 60′ shed sitting empty. Because their dad grew up on a farm in Iowa, Grant and Nelson decided to invest in their first sow. A Duroc from John Huinker, Decorah, Iowa. Her first litter wasn’t a very good beginning. She had 3 born live and weaned 2. Things worked out pretty good though. We kept back the gilt to breed and the barrow went to the processor. We sold half of the barrow to some friends. The pork was wonderful. This launched their Pleasant Home Premium Pork business. Because of demand for their natural premium pork, Grant and Nelson invested in their first Berkshire sow from Brice Conover in 2008. Their premium pork business has grown and they sell approximately 20 meat quality pigs each year to customers throughout the Midwest and United States. They continue to improve their meat quality genetics as dual purpose pigs — attractive show pigs with excellent meat quality!

Then We Expanded: What about Goodtime Show Pigs? In 2009, Grant and Nelson’s friends in Ohio asked them if they would be interested in raising show pigs for youth to purchase for their county fair. After considering the possibility, and deciding whether or not they could pay the high cost of feed, they purchased a couple more gilts from Rodibaugh’s and raised their first show pigs in 2009. The pigs did fairly well and Grant and Nelson learned a lot about raising show pigs. They have learned the value of excellent genetics, productive and healthy pigs, and structural correctness and soundness.

Then We Focused: In 2012, Grant and Nelson decided to focus on raising one breed–Berkshire (a decision made prior to the Indiana State Fair). They continue to re-invest and improve their genetics to raise high quality Berks that have soundness, flexibility and balance. In 2010, their sister, Kedron, joined the business with her first Berkshire gilt from the Iowa State Fair…and eventually added a Hereford to the herd. Grant, Nelson and Kedron are 100% owners of their business, and raise quality pigs that can compete…and that youth can afford. With the success of King Indy, the herdmark “GNK” has come together as the team known as Knobloch Family Berks. Give them a call, you’ll enjoy visiting with Grant, Nelson & Kedron.

Grant - 2014

Grant – 2014

Grant Knobloch

Grant was the co-herd manager from 2007 – 2016. He started raising pigs when he was 11 years old. He managed the farrowing, nursery, and grower phases of the operation. He has a passion for breeding competitive show berks and breeding stock. He enjoyed the swine industry and learning swine management and feeding strategies. One of his highlight moments was showing King Indy, when Randy Shipley named him Grand Champion of the 2012 Indiana State Fair. In 2019, Grant graduate with a B.S. degree in Agricultural Systems Management from Purdue University. He is a Purdue Agricultural Ambassador, Purdue Senator, Agriculture Future of America Leader, Vice-President of the Agricultural System Management Club at Purdue, and the Youth Liaison on the American Berkshire Foundation. In 2016, he had a summer internship at Kelly Engineering, Brookston, IN. In 2017, he had a summer internship with Deere & Company in Training and Development, Minneapolis, MN. In 2018, his summer internship was with Deere & Company, Des Moines, IA. Upon graduating from Purdue University in 2019, he started a full-time position with John Deere.

Nelson - 2014

Nelson – 2014

Nelson Knobloch

Nelson was the co-herd manager from 2007 – 2016. He managed the gestation, breeding, and finishing phases of the operation. He enjoyed the breeding aspect of the swine business. He has an excellent eye for evaluating livestock. He was on the National Livestock Judging Team for Benton Central FFA (IN). His attention to detail, yet his artistic creativity has provided a unique competitive edge to Knobloch Family Berks. Nelson enjoyed training pigs and fitting them for shows. He was an excellent showman, and generous in his personal relationships. Nelson enjoyed interacting with customers and presenting show Berks with impeccable appeal. He was a lifeguard for two years and enjoys working with children. In 2020, he graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Agribusiness Management from Purdue University. He is President of the Purdue Agriculture Council, Outstanding Sophomore in the Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue Agricultural Ambassador, and Agriculture Future of America Institute Participant. In 2017, he had a summer internship with Shoup Manufacturing, Kankakee, IL, and he spent over 3 weeks on a study abroad internship in Laos. In 2018, he completed a summer internship with Deere & Company, Waterloo, IA, and in 2019, he completed a summer internship with Deere & Company, Olathe, KS. In 2020, Nelson started a full-time position with John Deere.

Kedron 2017

Kedron Knobloch

Kedron started raising pigs when she was 5 years old. She transitioned from being herd assistant to 100% manager in 2016 when Grant and Nelson went to Purdue University. In 2014, Kedron became a partner in Knobloch Family Berks. Although her dad started her out with some laying hens. The chickens didn’t keep her interest. She loves Berkshires and Herefords! Initially, she helped Grant and Nelson with feeding, cleaning, clipping, prepping for shows, breeding, farrowing, processing pigs, and showing customers pigs. In 2016, she took over the business and is 100% responsible for managing the business (…with a little help of her coach/dad). She is excellent caring for pigs and training them for taking pictures and show. She has a caring and competitive spirit. She loves animals, science and math, and the pig project gives her the opportunity to express her interests and talents. She is the reason Knobloch Family Berks continues to be successful in meeting the needs of our customers. She is actively involved in the Remington-Wolcott Youth Group. She served as a Treasurer of the White County 4-H Goat Club and also is a White County 4-H Youth Leader. She is interested in pursuing a career in Hospitality and Tourism Management.