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We would like to thank everyone for supporting Knobloch Family Berks. We currently do not have any pigs, breeding stock or boars. If we can answer any questions, please call or text Kedron at 765-427-9932, Neil at 765-421-1456.

Thanks, Kedron, Nelson & Grant Knobloch

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Semen & Boars

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–For Reference Only–

Berkshire Boar Point Taken 14-2 (Take That x Dead or Alive)

Berkshire Boar Point Taken 14-2 (Take That x Dead or Alive)

Berkshire Boar (Take That x Dead or Alive)

Berkshire Boar Point Taken 14-2

Semen: Not available

Call Kedron Knobloch at (765) 427-9932 to schedule collection

Bred by: MVP Genetics

Owned by: Knobloch Family Berks

Sire: Take That

Dam’s Sire: Dead or Alive

DOB: 2/16/18

Registration: 150542002

Point Taken was our boar pick at the 2018 Indiana State Fair after we prematurely lost The Director. Sometimes things happen for a reason, and we don’t understand why…point taken! Point Taken was sired by Take That and his mom has been a tremendous generator (Ms Bison – see pic). We appreciated Point Taken for his impeccable structure, pointed head and extended neck, level top and elite profile. He was the youngest boar at the Indiana State Fair, and he caught the eye of many. We appreciated his growth of 1.65 ADG, and we see him making elite barrows and gilts.

Reserve Champion Berkshire Boar, 2018 Ohio State Fair

1st in Class 1 Berkshire Boar, 2018 Indiana State Fair

Dam produced Grand Champion Berkshire Barrow at the 2015 OYE

Dam produced Life Vest at LVS

Berkshire Sow Ms Bison (Dead or Alive x Walk The Dog)

–For Reference Only–

Berkshire Boar Keep Talkin 12-1 (Keep Talkin x NonTypical)

Berkshire Boar Keep Talkin’ 12-1 (Keep Talkin’ x NonTypical)


Berkshire Boar Keep Talkin’ 12-1

Sire: Keep Talkin’

Dam’s Sire: NonTypical x Bottoms Up

Date of Birth: August 1, 2017

Bred by: Knauth

Registration: 146944001

Co-owned: Crossroads, Belletini, Knobloch Family Berks, Ritter Berks, Wippel Family Berks

Semen Available: Not Available

Keep Talkin’ 12-1 is the new hottest boar in the Berkshire breed. This guy is extremely correct in his design and will produce stylish Berkshires. The mother of the Keep Talkin’ 120-1 was Knauth’s $11,500 purchase from Mauck Show Hogs at the 2016 STC where she was named Reserve Champion Berkshire Gilt. Her first two litters were sired by Keep Talkin’ and they produced the following winners: Reserve Grand Champion Gilt 2017 Ohio State Fair Jr. Show, Class Winning Berkshire Gilt 2017 TP Jr. Nationals and Indiana State Fair Jr. Show, Reserve Champion Berkshire Gilt 2017 STC & $9,000 Class Winning Berkshire Boar 2017 Fall Classic.

1st in Class 1 & $9,000 highest selling Berkshire boar at the 2017 Fall Classic

Berkshire Boar Hawkeye 1-7 (Tigerhawk x Godwin)

Berkshire Boar Hawkeye 1-7 (Tigerhawk x Godwin)


Berkshire Boar Hawkeye 1-7

Sire: Tigerhawk (SuperFly x Maverick)

Dam’s Sire: Godwin (Heat Stroke x Torge)

Date of Birth: 9/17/18

Bred by: Justin Brown

Registration: 147127007

Owned by: Wippel Family Berks

Semen Available: Not available


2nd in Class 1 at the 2018 SWTC, Belton, TX

Berkshire Boar 1-9 (King Indy x Mount-N-Do)

Berkshire Boar 1-9 (King Indy x Mount-N-Do)

Berkshire Boar 1-9 (King Indy x Mount-N-Do)

Berkshire Boar 1-9 (King Indy x Mount-N-Do)


Berkshire Boar Wheels Up 1-9

Sire: King Indy

Dam’s Sire: Mount-N-Do

Date of Birth: January 4, 2014

Bred by: Knobloch Family Berks

Registration: 123265009

Co-owned: Fly’n K Berks & Knobloch Family Berks

Semen Available: Call Sioux Center Swine AI Boar Stud at (712) 441-4408

Wheels Up 1-9 is a new genetic cross for the Berkshire breed. We appreciate the power and stoutness he delivers in a STYLISH and SLEEK DESIGNED profile. This guy is tall-fronted, bold-bladed and high in his head carriage coming at you. He is square on his big boned feet and legs. He is so good in his bone work and has tremendous stride length. We love the look of this guy going away from you. This guy has us excited as he is the first litter out of a Mount-N-Do x Who Knows What sow from Russell Kneese. She had 13 live pigs in her first litter. Combine her with King Indy and this guy could generate some stylish females with excellent feet and legs.

2nd in Class 1 & 2nd highest selling Berkshire boar at the 2014 World Pork Expo

Berkshire Boar 1-9 (King Indy x Mount-N-Do)

Berkshire Boar 1-9 (King Indy x Mount-N-Do)

Collection Days: Typically, Mondays and Thursdays, but we may be able to collect when needed (please call). Cancellations must be placed by 9:00 a.m. on days that semen is reserved for collection.

Contract Pricing: For boars that we house at Knobloch Family Berks, we offer volume discounts off of in-season pricing: 4 – 7 doses = 25% off; 8 or more doses = 50% off; can mix or match or use at different times.  Our committed semen contract is 15 doses for $500–you prepay and use your credit as you need semen.

Shipping: Semen will be shipped UPS Next Day Air, unless otherwise stated. Semen can be shipped Monday through Thursdays.

Payment: PayPal is preferred.

Guarantee Settle: We offer guarantee settle for all semen purchased at in-season list price. Buyer pays shipping on replacement semen.

Breeding Certificates: $30 per breeding certificate; will be processed upon receipt of payment.

Quality & Viability: All boars have been tested for quality and viability.

Herd Health Status: Vaccination program and biosecurity are followed. We are a validated herd–herd health status is checked quarterly by Dr. Amy Woods (219-863-0871). Negative status for PRRS, Pseudorabies, Brucellosis.

Exclusion of Warranty: Knobloch Family Berks makes no warranties or representations beyond those made expressly in this statement. Knobloch Family Berks warrants the semen sold is of exceptional quality and viability before it is shipped or picked up. Knobloch Family Berks makes no other guarantees, warranties or representations, either written or verbal, expressed or implied. Knobloch Family Berks makes no guarantee concerning conception rate or liability of semen or health of product. In the unfortunate event that the semen is damaged in shipment or proves to be defective, damages resulting from use shall be limited to the value of the semen as purchased. In no event shall Knobloch Family Berks be liable for consequential or incidental damages.