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We would like to thank everyone for supporting Knobloch Family Berks. We currently do not have any pigs, breeding stock or boars. If we can answer any questions, please call or text Kedron at 765-427-9932, Neil at 765-421-1456.

Thanks, Kedron, Nelson & Grant Knobloch

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Lindner Feed Store

ROCK BOTTOM PRICES!! You offer a high quality feed at prices that you won’t believe. Contact Kedron¬†(765-588-4201) for prices and to place an order.

Welcome to our feed store. As a Lindner feed dealer, we provide fresh feeds with service that keeps our customers coming back. We know that feed is expensive, and you want a feed that will give you positive results on the investment in a solid feeding and nutrition program.


We’ve tried several different brands, and for the most part, you need to find a feed that you like to feed. After trying Lindner, we don’t need to tinker with a bunch of feed additives. Ours pigs love to eat Lindner, and that’s 90% of the game. We like the results we see with Lindner.


We keep our prices competitive so we can turn over our inventory quickly and keep our supply fresh. Please give us a call or text at 765-421-2386, if we can help you fine-tune your feeding program that get results.

Check out the products that are available —>>>¬†Lindner_United_Quick_Reference_Guide

We’ve tried most of the products and we’ve listed our opinions for each product listed below.

(1) Dial N – a very effective product to put on cover quickly and stimulate appetite; less expensive than Dyne

(2) Scud Missiles – a great way to add dimension to the loin and square up the top shape

(3) Show-Mega – “this product works,” is what we frequently hear from customers after they see Paylean start to affect joints and cause stiffness